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My name is Dimitris Chatzis, I am 19 years old and I was born in Kavala. I am a student at the Technical University of Berlin in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

At the age of 10, I made my first steps on Robotics and in 2014 I was awarded at the 5th Pan-Hellenic Computer Science Festival for my desktop 3D printer. One year later I received the Prize of the EMT Technology Research Center for the construction of my Humanoid life-size Robot named “Troopy”  (InMoov-type robot) .

In the same year I was honored by the Entrepreneurship Club with the praise of “Youth Initiative and Entrepreneurship”. I was invited to present the above project in many events and exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad, with most important ones the “Maker Faire” in Rome, Paris, Berlin and Athens. I had the honor of participating as a speaker at the first TEDx Kavala on “Life Re-Loading”.

In 2016, with the help of the US Embassy, ​​who embraced my efforts from the very first moment, I had the opportunity to participate in the MIT Launch Summer program at MIT University.

Along with my studies and with unabated interest, I continue my Robotics projects with a special emphasis on “Designing and developing an exo-skeletal mechanism to support the learning of the Braille typing system”.

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    Photo 05 In the difficult days we are facing, I tried to help the staff of my hometown Hospital, considering it as an obligation, in the memory of my grandfather Obstetrician - Gynaecologist Dr. Ioannis Efthymiadis.

      IMG_20190918_132801 Overview in Simenens with the CEO Mr. Goettler. Thank you for your warmful invitation and the great morning with you in Athens. I 'll keep any advice in my mind, thank you again.

        web2.3 Panel-37
        Speaker at the 23rd Roundtable with the Goverment of Greece Economist event. Participated in a perfect dialogue with Mr.Franklin about the future of young Greeks.

          Nissan Generation N
          Awarded as the winner of the competition “Nissan Generation-N 2018” by automotive industry “Nissan” with a new “Nissan Juke” car for a whole year use. Nissan Generation N Dimitris

            STEM youth Ambassador of eduACT for the robotics contest "Thessaloniki FIRST LEGO League 2017".

              STEM youth Ambassador of eduACT for the robotics contest "Athens FIRST LEGO League 2017".

                Participation with the 5th Lyceum of Kavala, in the " Virtual Business Contest" at the annual organization of the “Youth Entrepreneurship Association”, with the Project “Phaethon”, in “Trade Fair” of Thessaloniki. More information about the project: di.phaethon in detail

                  Ambassadors eduACT
                  As one of the younger robotics innovation representers in Greece, I was selected as the new eduACT STEM youth Ambassador for the "FIRST LEGO League 2017" robotics contests. More information here: Youth Ambassador Dimitris

                    Maker Faire Rome 2016 Photo (176) (Custom)
                    Participated in Maker Fair Rome - The European Edition, representing 5th Lyceum of Kavala Greece, with Troopy, as part of the Top Ten European School Projects.

                      Troopy Lauda(106) (Custom)
                      At the Mini Maker Faire Athens in Peristeri.

                        Βραδιά του Eρευνητή Photo (63) (Custom)
                        At the Demokretos National Center of Research and Natural Sciences

                          Photo-Documentary FAROI
                          Participation in the Documentary-Program "Lighthouses" of the Private TV Channel "CosmOTE History Channel".

                            At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

                              _SPO0715 (Custom)
                              With Troopy at the 5th Kavala AirSea Show.

                                The Olympic Flame for the “RIO 2016” Olympic Games arrived in Macedonia, Northern Greece, at the end of the third day of the torch relay on Greek territory. The cauldron was set up at the White Tower after the torch relay in Thessaloniki and on Sunday, fourth day of the torch relay – 24th April 2016 – the Olympic Flame was carried through Kavala by Dimitris Chatzis, who was selected to be one of the four Olympic Torch bearers.

                                  Γ. Ambassador Pearce-2 (Custom)
                                  With U.S. Embassador Mr. Pearce at the Athens Science Festival.

                                    "Troupy" and Dimitris Chatzis will be in Paris as part of the international exhibition "Maker Faire Paris 2016"  on Arpil 20th and May 1st. 2016. Dimitris, was invited to partake by designer and creator the "InMoov" project, Gaeil, Langevin and the "MyRoborLab" team. Dimitris will be accompanied by Bruno, Markus, Leon and Marten, and many more 'makers' alongside their InMoov robots.  

                                      DSCF5289 (Custom)
                                      Award from the International Hellenic University for the production of Troopy - Life-sized Humanoid Robot. Scholarship for participating in Product Design Summer Camp 2016.

                                        Participated in the annual ACSTAC conference with the project "InMoov"

                                          IMG_9363 (Custom)
                                          Speaker at the first ever TEDx event in Kavala, Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.


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                                          Many Thanks

                                          Special thanks to the Greek United States of America Embassy and especially to
                                          Mr. Ambassador Pearce for the financial support of MIT Launch Summer Program. Furthermore, thanks to Mr. Thomas Pierce, Counselor for Public Affairs and Ms Eleni Alexaki, Cultural Affairs Specialist for the invaluable help they have provided to date.

                                          Many thanks to Fullbright Foundation in Greece for their advising services and support, especially to Mr. Nickolas Tourides, Education Advisor & American Program Coordinator, as well as to Ms Artemis Zenetou who envisioned the opportunity for the MIT Summer School Programme.